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Saturn's MP3 rotation site

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Hey all! Welcome to PsychoGreenSky, an MP3 and PV rotation community. I am your mod, Saturn. Rotations here will consist of mostly Jrock, Anime music, and probably some music from other countries (ie, Korea or even the US) depending on what I can get my hands on. Updates will be weekly unless life gets in the way. As my playlist continues to grow, this community will too. I hope you can all enjoy what I have to share!

The only rule here is that you comment if you download anything.

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Link to me!!

RiuBetta Fish

Koko wa GreenwoodZelda no Densetsu

Juvenile OrionYami no MatsueiClamp

Clow ReedHikaruChobitsSyaoran Li

Digimon Adventure

RyoHappy BunnyBlackHarry PotterWind WakerChocolateNutellaDark MagicianYami Bakura