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Thank you RayRay!!

As you can see, Ray Ray did an awesome revamp of the site for me! Look at teh Hyde prettiness!! So just because she's so damn awesome, I'm doing a middle of the week surprise. Since RayRay loves hide so much, here's a PV for a present.

Pink Spider PV- hide

Comment if you take!
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Wheeeee! Yay ^^ See? I can make things pretty sometimes. XD (I do tend to slip and make a BIIIIG mistake at least once during every attempt to make something pretty though. And once again, my tendencies did not fail me. ^^ I fixed it though and YOU CAN'T EVEN TELL WHAT I DID WRONG! So I won't tell you and leave you wondering and worrying. Hahahahaha. This is really long to be in parenthesis. Yep) I hope all your visitors enjoy the sexy pink Hydeness. Wallpaper credits go to Eyennihilation everything else is my own blood, sweat, and tears. And I'm really hamming things up over here. ^^;;

As a side note, this is a really long comment for someone who didn't even take the file. O.o
my first download of the semester ^_^