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OMFG Update!

Hey all! I'm back off of hiatus and ready to update here yo!! I'm probably gonna go back to semi-weekly updates around here, since I'm back at school and have a fast connection again! ^^

Here's the update for this week (Will be member's only next week!)

An Cafe- odoru meruhen tokei

Buck-Tick- Ash-Ra

Gackt- Vanilla

Plastic Tree- Closet Child

Psycho le Cemu- Blue Again

L'arc en Ciel- Link

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Sunny Day

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Mirai no Kakera

X japan- Endless Rain

Metronome- Mitsukazoero

Hyde- Hello

Comment if you take anything please ^^ Or I'll eat your ears XD yumm
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took em all!! <3
wanted to know if you's repost white surf style 5 for me. I've been looking for it everywhere and can't find it
sure. Here ya goes ^^

Supercar- White Surf Style 5
thanks a bunch