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Welcome all!

Welcome to Psycho_Green_Sky, an MP3 rotation site dedicated to Jrock! I'm Saturn, the owner and primary uploader of shiz that will be on here. I just have a few rules for this community.
Please comment if you download something, I like to know what people are taking and what is popular with the people here.
If possible, please join this community, because probably in the future, I'll put up posts for members only, and then you'll miss out on stuff.
There's usually going to be two to three mp3s up a week and if I miss an update, I'm sorry, I either forgot or something more important took up my time. But I'll try my best to be prompt.

Mmmyep, that's about it for right now. If you have any requests please email me at

Ok, today's update are from the three bands that are my favorites right now and where I got the community name from. PSYCHO le Cemu, The Brilliant GREEN, and L'arc en CIEL (ciel is sky in french) Ok, so I fudged the last part, but here we go.

Psycho le Cemu- Yume Kazaguruma mp3

The Brilliant Green- The Angel Song MP3

L'arc en Ciel- Stay Away PV (sorry, don't have the mp3 yet)

Enjoy and don't forget to comment!!
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