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OMFG Update! 
08:25pm 06/10/2005
mood: ecstatic
Hey all! I'm back off of hiatus and ready to update here yo!! I'm probably gonna go back to semi-weekly updates around here, since I'm back at school and have a fast connection again! ^^

Here's the update for this week (Will be member's only next week!)

An Cafe- odoru meruhen tokei

Buck-Tick- Ash-Ra

Gackt- Vanilla

Plastic Tree- Closet Child

Psycho le Cemu- Blue Again

L'arc en Ciel- Link

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Sunny Day

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Mirai no Kakera

X japan- Endless Rain

Metronome- Mitsukazoero

Hyde- Hello

Comment if you take anything please ^^ Or I'll eat your ears XD yumm

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06:45pm 23/06/2005
mood: cheerful
Sorry about the huge delay. But basically I've been on my old home computer that can't upload crap. ^^'''' Hopefully when my family sets up the new computer updates should be a little more frequent, but I can't guarantee anything. So here ya go! The Update!

Hyde- Evergreen

Metronome- Death Chocolates

X Japan- Crucify my Love

L'arc en Ciel- Jyojyoushi

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Siren

Dir en Grey- Raison Detre

And the special PV for the Week!

Plastic Tree- Sanbika PV

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My first Music Video! 
01:49am 17/05/2005
mood: excited
This is an assorted Jrock/Jpop music video to the opening song from the anime Haibane Renmei. Please review my video, and I'm taking title suggestions. Thanks a bunch!!


Please comment if you take. ^^

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Early Update! 
10:28pm 29/04/2005
mood: giddy
Alrighty, it's 10:30pm and I'm going to the Sakura Matsuri and Mitsuwa market tomorrow morning ^^^^^^ I'm so excited, so you guys get a small update early. I'll probably put up some more either Sunday or early next week. Here ya goes:

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Mugen Glider

Psycho le Cemu- Ai no Uta

X Japan- Desperate Angel

L'arc en Ciel- Hitomi no Juuin

Pierrot- Atena

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Member's only Ahead! 
03:56pm 23/04/2005
mood: vampiric
I updated this week, but it's member's only, so log in to see the entry or become a member! ^^


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Here's your bigger update 
12:25pm 02/04/2005
mood: accomplished
Sorry about the small update last week, those two songs were about all my computer could handle. Also, since we're getting some new members, I'm thinking about doing a member's only update next week. So everybody join! Here's the update:

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Haruka Kanata

Asian Kung-Fu Generation- Loop and Loop

Supercar- White Surf Style 5

Psycho le Cemu- With

Psycho le Cemu- Dance 2 Heaven


Kana- Chimame PV

Pierrot- Smiley Skeleton PV

Psycho le Cemu- Yume Kazaguruma PV

Psycho le Cemu- Yume Kazaguruma Live PV

Comment or I shall be very pissed off, seriously, this took me a while, even on school network.

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Happy Easter!! 
11:28am 26/03/2005
mood: tired
Hey everyone. Since I'm on my Spring Break right now and on my crappy home computer, there won't be that much of an update for this week. Expect a bigger update next week when I'll be back at school. For now, here's the updatey:

Malice Mizer- Au Revoir

Psycho le Cemu- Universe

Comment if you take!

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Updately woo! 
07:52pm 12/03/2005
mood: giggly
Hey all, here's the update for this week, finally on time. Sorry I've been kinda mrwrah about updating, but here we go:

Kana- Anzen Pin

Metronome- Hi Fi

The Brilliant Green- Call my name

The Seeker- Acid Child

Special PV! Psycho le Cemu- Roman Hikou PV

As always, please comment or I'll sic the pirate ghosts on you!

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02:06pm 02/03/2005
mood: relaxed
Ok, so my schedule has been completely thrown off cause of all the stuff that's going on in my life right now, so PGS is going to be updated more when i have the time/feel like it. I'm still in a huge slump from BBR being down and not getting any new stuff. Ok, so here we go, here's a small updately for y'all.

Scars of Time- Chrono Cross

Another Termina- Chrono Cross

X Japan- Crucify my Love

Hyde- Cape of Storms

L'arc en Ciel- Ready Steady Go (since I've been watching so much FMA^^)

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Psycho le Cemu day!! 
08:08pm 24/02/2005
mood: calm
Since I just got back from Katsucon and had the greatest time at the Psycho le Cemu concert, this entire update is going to be Psycho le Cemu mp3s! Why? Because PLC makes me happy. And it should make you happy too. Okees, here's the update everyone:

Psycho le Cemu-Neo

Psycho le Cemu-Yuu (cause I finally have full version of it ^^

Psycho le Cemu- Megatron

Psycho le Cemu- Shunkaskuutou

Psycho le Cemu- Michi no Sora

Comment if you take please!!

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11:57am 10/02/2005
mood: accomplished
Sorry I missed my update last Saturday, but I'm putting up a little here now. There probably won't be an update this week either cause I'll be home and my old computer is slower. There might be a small update if I get bored, but that's about it. Basically I've been really upset since Bye Bye Reality went down, and so I haven't gotten much new stuff in a while. Also, I'll probably be making a small website where you can see what I've already put up on here, and also so I don't lose track either ^^'' So here's the update. Remember to comment!

The Brilliant Green- Forever to me Mp3

Hyde- Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Mp3

Hyde- Shining over You Mp3

hide- Beauty and Stupid Mp3

Please comment, por favor!

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02:33pm 29/01/2005
mood: weird
Alrighties everyone. Here we are again, at update day! Whooo! Since RayRay and Chaos have been pimping my site so much, I have to return the favor. I know most of my members are from Scumberry, but here we go. Visit my friends Rayray and Chaos' rotation, Scumberry!

And here's the update y'all!

Hyde- Sweet Vanilla Mp3

Miyavi- Jibun Kakumei Mp3

The only Diru song I have! Dir en Grey- Cage Mp3

Kana- Hebi Ichigo Mp3

Psycho le Cemu- Rememberance(Album version) Mp3

Psycho le Cemu- Chinese Shounen Mp3

The Brilliant Green- Falling Star in Your Eyes Mp3

Special PV for the week! The Brilliant Green- Forever to Me PV

Comment if you take anything or I will cry and there will be no more updates for you!

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Birthday Update!! Wheee! 
11:59am 22/01/2005
mood: giggly
Here's the last update for PsychoGreenSky before I have to go back to school. And today's update is a special and do you know why? Because it's mah birthday! Whoooo. Yahoo for me. So today's update has a bunch of PVs and mp3s for y'all. Also, the next update will probably be bigger since I'll have the faster school network to work with. Ok, I shut up now.

Psycho le Cemu- Michi no Sora PV

Psycho le Cemu- Prism PV

Utada Hikaru- Devil Inside Mp3

Hyde- Secret Letters PV

X Japan- Forever Love Mp3

Psycho le Cemu- Aquaria

Make my birthday happy and comment!!

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Thank you RayRay!! 
08:43pm 18/01/2005
mood: bouncy
As you can see, Ray Ray did an awesome revamp of the site for me! Look at teh Hyde prettiness!! So just because she's so damn awesome, I'm doing a middle of the week surprise. Since RayRay loves hide so much, here's a PV for a present.

Pink Spider PV- hide

Comment if you take!

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06:51pm 16/01/2005
mood: cold
Alrighty! Sorries about missing my first actual update day yesterday. but I will try to make it up to y'all (which right now is only like Rachel and Jen). So here's today's menu.

Simple and Clean- Utada Hikaru

Prism- Psycho le Cemu

Rusty Nail- X Japan(my fave X Japan song)

Ai no Ai no Hoshi- The Brilliant Green

Comment if you download or I'll eat your brains toasted with jelly ^^

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Welcome all! 
01:50pm 08/01/2005
mood: excited
Welcome to Psycho_Green_Sky, an MP3 rotation site dedicated to Jrock! I'm Saturn, the owner and primary uploader of shiz that will be on here. I just have a few rules for this community.
Please comment if you download something, I like to know what people are taking and what is popular with the people here.
If possible, please join this community, because probably in the future, I'll put up posts for members only, and then you'll miss out on stuff.
There's usually going to be two to three mp3s up a week and if I miss an update, I'm sorry, I either forgot or something more important took up my time. But I'll try my best to be prompt.

Mmmyep, that's about it for right now. If you have any requests please email me at PsychoGreenSky@yahoo.com

Ok, today's update are from the three bands that are my favorites right now and where I got the community name from. PSYCHO le Cemu, The Brilliant GREEN, and L'arc en CIEL (ciel is sky in french) Ok, so I fudged the last part, but here we go.

Psycho le Cemu- Yume Kazaguruma mp3

The Brilliant Green- The Angel Song MP3

L'arc en Ciel- Stay Away PV (sorry, don't have the mp3 yet)

Enjoy and don't forget to comment!!

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